The HempCoin

The HempCoin 2021 RoadMap


Secured the $THC Network =dPow Thru KMD Migration

API Posting from Artemis = Secured HempTRAC Capabilities on Chain

Partnership Secured = Wichita Falls Texas Hemp Company (WFTHC)

Blockchain Financial (BCF)

Partnership to Allow the Community to Provide Liquidity Crypto/Fiat Pairs


Q4 2021

Finalizing & Acquiring $THC Private Funding

Release Wrapped $THC/BSC Bridge on AtomicDEX

Finalizing Partnerships of HempTRAC Integration on Chain

Trezor Integration for $THC

Wrapped $THC Cross Platform Integration

Starting HempTRAC Build

Hire Full-Time Core Team

Major $THC Exchange Listing

Start $THC Coin Buy Back

Q1 2022

Opensea Site Listing

Expand NFT Capabilities & Partnerships

Dispensary Onboarding

Secure Chameleon = Mobile $THC Integration

Carbon Credit Platform

Update $THC Wallets

Major Exchange Listing

Expand $THC Partnerships

Q2 2022

AtomicDEX Whitelabel to $THCDeX

Defi THC.FINANCE Website

HempTRAC Alpha Testing

with WFTHC

Hemp Genetics NFT Platform

Q3 2022

HempTRAC Beta Testing

HempTRAC Testing Accessible to the Public

Energy Web Integration