The HempCoin


Agricultural Data Tracking Service Utilizing UXTO Block-chain Technology

In order to comply with State and Federal Regulations, hemp growers are required to provide specific information pertaining to their grows, their labeling, & their daily operations. It is important that this information is stored safely, securely, & processed in a timely fashion. The world of data is getting too large for it to be processed will expand. THC provides a universal solution, through decentralized networking & data storage it will resolve this problem. HempTRAC will use UTXO Smart Contracts (unspent transactions) to create an audit-able ledger for data storage. HempTRAC is easily transferable & independently verifiable. The Department of Agriculture (U.S.) or local regulating body may require growers to produce information for compliant operation (this may vary depending on the state/nation of the grower). Data that is verifiable without of third party control mitigates interference, incongruencies, & subversion.

Grow Data Modification

Complete customization of site info for audit

The name of the farm

GPS Location of the farm

Distributor the clones or seeds were sourced from

Seed ID/ Clone Genetics

The Current THC Levels of active plants

Destruction of plants that don’t meet guidelines

Date of Destruction/ Amount Destroyed

Harvest Date / Amount Yielded

FDA Test Data for CBD/THC End Product

Grow site creation (Operator ID, Date, Location ID, Seed ID/ Name, Room Name)

Mother plant creation (Operator ID, Date, Room ID, Plant Name)

Clone of mother creation (Operator ID, Date, Room ID, Clone of Mother ID)

Relocation of plant(s) to various rooms (Operator ID, Date, Room ID, Reason Comment)

Harvesting of plant(s) resulting in various values (Operator ID, Date, Room ID, usable trim, unusable
waste, sell-able product, etc)((user defined values here))

Laboratory data input (Operator ID, Location ID, Date, Lab ID, Organic levels i.e. NPK ratio)

Sale of product (Operator ID, Date, Location ID, amounts of product, the amount of product harvested in lb/kg, the amount of product sold to processor licensees in lb/kg, the amount of product
sold to researcher, dispensary, and processor licensees in lb/kg, the amount of product drying or
dried on hand, the amount of waste in lb/kg, If necessary, a detailed explanation of why any product cannot be accounted for as having been sold, disposed of, or maintained in current inventory;
& total monetary amount of all sales to processor, dispensary, & researcher licensees)

Destruction of plant (Operator ID, Date, Location ID, reason: mites, mildew)

Destruction of product (Operator ID, Date, Location ID, reason: mold, mildew, unsafe)

Security & Benefit

It is imperative that the information is not manipulated, lost, stolen or delivered to the wrong hands. By providing a secure platform for this data, HempTRAC ensures that your personal information is stored safe & immutable on a distributed cryptographic ledger. Storing digital information in traditional ways is not secure because there could be malicious attempts to steal your data. When data is in the wrong hands it can be sold to the highest bidder or your grow could be the target of criminal activity . The HempCoin offers privacy and security to our users ans values it in the utmost importance.