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The HempCoin (THC)

Revolutionizing the Hemp, Agricultural & Tobacco Industries
through the decentralized, convenient and safe THC payment system.

7.14.2019 - THC's Migration to an asset chain of Komodo is LIVE.
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     The HempCoin (THC) is a modern blockchain solution aiming to solve a key problem, banks in the United States are not accepting fiat currency for hemp transactions. This issue and its roots trace back to the Federal prohibition on hemp. Although hemp is now legal federally and on the state levels, across the board the battle is being fought in legislation. Strict regulations are being placed upon growers clearly showing the banks have remained cautious. There is now a decentralized way for consumers, businesses, & growers to transact.

     THC's blockchain payment solution aims to end these problems, for 5 years it has been our mission to serve as a payment solution for businesses in the agriculture, hemp, and tobacco industries. Consumers can easily purchase goods and services using THC, online and in person though businesses accepting The HempCoin.

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