The HempCoin

The HempCoin ($THC)

BlockChain Solution for the Global Agriculture Trade utilizing HempTRAC for data, HempPAY for payments, and HempDEX for hemp exchange. For ANY support please join the Discord.

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Our goal is to help facilitate secure
transactional relationships between
farmers, distributors, & consumers.

When you grow, we grow.

$THC gives each customer the autonomy to control their own independent blockchain infrastructure & the freedom to scale linearly at any point in time to grow at their own pace. The unique architecture gives you the ability to launch multiple chains, each with optional but preferable tokenization. $THC features an on chain locking mechanism providing for rewards granted upon “Locking Up” of $THC that are released every 60 days. This mechanism is first funded & then paid solely by $THC block emissions eliminating the need for third party MasterNode providers.

With a future-proof blockchain architecture,
$THC gives every project on the platform
the opportunity to create flexible, secure &
modular solutions that can meet any use
case. This modular platform technology
allows maximum flexibility to build custom
blockchain solutions.

$THC’s code is 100% Proof of Stake (PoS) secured to the Bitcoin network by Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW). Delayed-Proof-of-Work (dPoW) is a security mechanism that protects the entire $THC ecosystem with the power of the Bitcoin Network. To compromise a protected chain, an attacker would need to overpower the native network, the $KMD network, & the $BTC network – all at the same time. $THC allows blockchain projects to get BTC-level cyber security at a fraction of the cost.

Transaction is
requested by the

That transaction is
turned into a block.

The block is broadcast to a
network of computers that
validate and approve the block.

The approved block is
added to other blocks,
This is called a blockchain

The update is distributed
through the network and
the transaction is added
to a permanent record.

Transaction is

On top of the $THC platform architecture and engineering we have an elegant data science & predictive analytics series of algorithms that provide evengreater insights into your data.

Examples of these insights could include; determination of ideal soil, nutrient, or water mixtures during a growth cycle to predict waste of nutrients, usage of nutrients & optimal lighting for times of day to expand on growth.On site real time data management including completion checks of equipment, nutrients, water flow & various sensors/cameras.

Current sensor capability include monitoring; soil temperature, air temperature, moisture (%RH), rainfall, solstice tracking, & wind speed.

Daily/Weekly/Harvest schedules can be created, viewed, managed, edited, authorized, & finally audited independently. Clients will create specific accounts & be able to track progress in real time across all worker input assigned to HempTRAC.

The world of data is getting too large for it to be processed quickly & effectively solely via human methods/errors, As the population grows the problem will expand. $THC provides a universal secure solution, through decentralized networking & data storage $THC will resolve this problem. Data that is verifiable without the use of third party control mitigates interference, incongruencies, & subversion.

$THC runs on a secure platform built for linear scalability. $THC has the ability to rapidly build out serverless infrastructure as code in a fluid DevOpsSec tiered cloud multi-tenant geographically redundant instance for each tenant. We quickly work through our backlog with our Agile lite methodology. This allows our scrum teams to quickly mobilize & work on parallel efforts like new features/code stability/cyber security & performance. Our platform is built to effectively handle the most cloud intensive computation effortlessly.

Virtual machines/containers are spun up & down as the need arises in blue-green deployments so that our customer data is always available & secure. These are just tip of the iceberg cases for leveraging structured and unstructured data, the beauty of data science and analytics are built into the $THC platform. As machine learning, deep learning, & artificial intelligence learns & the models improve with your data, so do we, together!

Real time data management & market/crop forecasts

Anyone can inspect how the system works

Grow your business at a rate that works for you

You hold your money & control where it goes/how its spent

Transfers of funds happen in seconds & Market never closes

Transaction activity is Pseudonymous & Secure

Incentive rewards onchain for active/healthy data participation