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The Bittrex THC coin swap is complete.  Wallets are online and deposits and withdrawals have been reenabled.

The manual coin swap has resumed. If you are still holding old THC, follow the instructions below for the manual coin swap.  The deadline for the manual coin swap has been extended.

THC Coin Swap

The THC Coin Swap is currently LIVE. The new THC coin, based on PIVX, includes privacy using Zerocoin protocol, instant transactions using SwiftX, and features masternode capabilities.

Official Swap Instructions

These are the official coin swap instructions.  Members of the THC team will not be contacting you on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook to initiate a swap.  Scam artists are currently impersonating members of the THC team and offering to swap community members' coins.  These are attempts to steal your THC.  Do not let them!

  1. SWAP METHOD #1 (Preferred Method): Bittrex Exchange Coin Swap

    The Bittrex swap is the preferred method for swapping your THC.  On July 19, 2018 Bittrex Exchange will conduct an automatic, one-time 1:1 coin swap of Bittrex users' THC balances.

    To participate in the Bittrex Exchange Coin Swap send your THC to your Bittrex Exchange wallet prior to July 19, 2018.  You may withdraw your THC to the new HempCoin wallet once Bittrex completes the swap.  Click here to read the offical Bittrex announcement.
  2. SWAP METHOD #2: Manual Coin Swap

    Send an email to with HempCoin Swap in the Subject line.  In the body of the email include (1) your current THC wallet address (starts with an H), (2) an estimate of the total amount of THC in your wallet, (3) and your Skype email address.  Further instructions will be included in the auto-reply that follows.