How To Buy THC

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Since buying cryptocurrency on exchanges can be a bit of a challenge, HempCoin has partnered with Indacoin and CoinSwitch to make buying THC a breeze!  

Please note: To purchase THC you will need a HempCoin wallet address. Please read the article, How to Store THC, for more information.

Buy THC with a credit or debit card (not available to US residents)


Indacoin provides a straightforward, easy method to purchase THC with your Visa or Mastercard.  Visit the Indacoin website. In the “You Have” input box enter the amount of THC you want to purchase in USD, EUR, or RUB and select the proper currency. In the “You Get” field, select HempCoin in the dropdown box and the amount of HempCoin you will receive will be calculated. Click the Exchange button and follow the remaining steps to receive your coins. 

Buy Bitcoin and exchange for THC

Here are a few apps/websites that allow users to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) using a credit card, debit card, or bank account:


After purchasing Bitcoin you can exchange it for HempCoin directly on the HempCoin website at Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to exchange and the amount of THC you will receive will be calculated based on the current exchange rate. Press the Continue button and complete the remaining steps to secure your THC.

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