About HempCoin

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HempCoin (THC) is a cryptocurrency that runs on a blockchain, similar to Bitcoin. THC was created in 2014 to serve as a payment solution for businesses in the agriculture, hemp, legal cannabis, and tobacco industries. HempCoin is currently traded on one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world, Bittrex.

Consumers can easily purchase goods and services using THC, online and in-person, from businesses accepting HempCoin.

Upon inception, HempCoin was the only cryptocurrency for agriculture, a trillion-dollar trade business worldwide. The vision was and remains for HempCoin to help facilitate transactions between farmers and distributors overseas and across borders.

Our Vision

To overcome the HempCoin’s key liquidity issues affecting mainstream adoption and increase usability. The HempCoin is embracing trends in payment technology to provide a real-world banking solution for the legal cannabis industry and easy-to-implement alternative payment solutions for the agricultural and farming industries, industrial hemp industry, cannabis dispensaries, and hemp, cannabis, and tobacco-related retailers.

Our Mission

Banks in the United States are not accepting fiat currency for hemp transactions, largely in part because it is illegal on the federal level. Our mission is to have a cryptocurrency that can be used for online payment systems and peer-to-peer transaction services including Point-of-Sale systems and card terminals. This coin will directly serve the hemp, cannabis, agriculture, and tobacco industries.

Early 2018 has already proven to be a growth year for HempCoin.
THC hit #100 on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalization of nearly $160 million USD.

Road Map

* denotes an ongoing task 

  • 2018
  • Q1
  • Brand Ambassador Program
  • Further Community Growth*
  • Q2
  • Redesign HempCoin.org
  • Q3
  • THC Coin Swap [in progress] The new THC blockchain has a PIVX codebase and be equipped with Zerocoin Protocol Technology, SwiftX Instant Transactions, and Masternodes.
  • 1-click/automated Masternode setup services Offered by MYCE and Gin Platform.
  • THC listing on Masternode Monitor Websites THC is listed on Masternodes.Online and Masternodes.Pro.
  • More exchange listings* [in progress] THC is now listed on qTrade.
  • Mass Adoption Strategy* [in progress] Develop strategic business alliances, partnerships, and initiatives to increase HempCoin awareness and promote THC usage.
  • Partnerships and listings in mobile crypto wallets*
  • Partnerships and listings with online payment systems* [in progress]
  • HempCoin Ecommerce Integrations* [in progress] Wordpress's WooCommerce will be the first open-source ecommerce platform to support the HempCoin. Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, and other ecommerce platforms will follow.
  • Community Bounty campaigns for completed tasks* [in progress]
  • Discord Tip Bot [in development]
  • Governance System Implement a governance system including voting
  • HempPay.com
  • Q4
  • Multi-Industry Marketing and Adoption Campaigns Connecting with businesses in the Agriculture Industry, Indoor Grows, and Dispensaries in efforts to implement a HempPay Payment solution.
  • 2019
  • HempCoin Mobile Wallet
  • HempPay Payment Card
  • HempPay Point-of-Sale System integrations
  • THC Merchandise Store