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HempCoin(THC) is Migrating to an asset chain of Komodo.

Komodo’s innovative delayed-Proof-of-Work (dPoW) security mechanism protects the entire ecosystem with the power of the Bitcoin Network. To compromise a protected chain, an attacker would need to overpower the native network, the KMD network, and the BTC network – all at the same time. 

THC will be migrating in mid-June after KMD updates
their Notary Nodes.

1(THC) on PIVX chain = 1(THC) on KMD chain .

Users will most likely have to transfer their keys.

Exchanges are familiar with "air-drop" they will be
familiar with "Migration".

Hempcoin & Komodo for:

Komodo provides Bitcoin-level security through dynamic checkpoint notarizations.

Komodo’s multi-chain architecture allows every project to scale without limits.

All blockchains in the Komodo ecosystem support atomic swaps and cross-chain smart contracts. 

Komodo’s technology is fully modular and future-proofed with continuous updates to the ecosystem.